Bakken Oil Production by County

North Dakota production by county is posted here: ND Historical Barrels of Oil Produced by County Confidential wells are not included in that data however but that estimated data can be found here:Monthly Production Report Index Click on the latest month.

Bakken by County

 This is a zero based chart and gives a better overall picture of production from each county. The charts below are not zero based but gives an amplified picture of production from each county.

Production in barrels per day for each county was as follows:
McKenzie      386,715 
Mountrail      278,940
Dunn              185,707 
Williams        149,437
Rest  of ND   131,531


McKenzie county production was up by 16,435 barrels per day. McKenzie remains the most productive county in North Dakota.
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Bakken, North Dakota Update, August Data

The new Bakken and North Dakota production data is out with the August production numbers. The last data point for all charts is August 2014.

Bakken Barrels Per Day

Bakken oil production was up 16,864 bpd in August to  1,067,745 bpd. This is about 6,100 barrels per day less than the growth in July which was 22,965 bpd. However all North Dakota was up 17,910 bpd in August compared to 21,661 growth in July. This was a growth of 1,046 bpd for North Dakota production outside the Bakken. In July production outside the Bakken was down 1,304 bpd.

Bakken Well production

The big surprise this month was in wells completed and wells producing. Bakken wells producing increased by 211 and all north Dakota wells producing increased by 274. That meant wells producing outside the Bakken increased by 63. That is a real shocker since Helms says 95% of all activity is in the Bakken. From the Director’s Cut, bold mine: Continue reading

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OPEC October MOMR and other news

The OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report has just came out with OPEC production data for September 2014. All production numbers are in thousand barrels per day with the last data point September 2014.


The August production numbers were revised down 275,000 bpd from 30,347 kbd to 30,054 kbd. Current OPEC 12 production stands at 30,474 kbd, up 402 from the revised numbers.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s August production numbers were revised down 202 kbd. With that revision they are down another 50 kbd in Septemer to 9,605 kbd.

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The EIA’s Short Term Energy Outlook

The EIA just came out with their SHORT-TERM ENERGY OUTLOOK. The non-OPEC data is  liquids. The EIA counts everything, all biofuels, NGLs and refinery process gain in their “Total Liquids” category.

The data below, unless otherwise specified, is in million barrels per day. The last recorded data point is September 2014 and the projection is through December 2015.

Non-OPEC Liquids Projected

The EIA is expecting non-OPEC total liquids to be up 1.17 million barrels per day over the next 15 months, October 2014 through December 2015.


The EIA is projecting US Total Liquids to be up 1.44 million barrels per day over the next 15 months. That means they are expecting the rest of non-OPEC to be down 270 thousand barrels per day December 2015.
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EIA’s International Energy Statistics

The EIA updated their International Energy Statistics on Monday September 29. However there was an error in their data which I caught right away. They had Kazakhstan increasing C+C production by 856,000 barrels per day.

EIA Error

Above is their C+C data, January through June. I emailed Patrica Smith, the EIA employee who posts these stats. She emailed me right back:

Mr. Patterson, Thank you very much for catching the error.  The numbers were transposed.  I will ask the database manger to make the correction.

So I waited. The next day the correction had not been made so I emailed her back asking her for the correct numbers because this error also affected total world production as well as non-OPEC production. She emailed me back:

Mr. Patterson, The crude number should be 1520 instead of 2420.

So the number was off by 900 kbpd, Kazakhstan C+C production was actually down 44 kbpd instead of up 856 kbpd. And here three days later the correction still has not been made in the database. I think the international data is getting a very low priority these days. A few years ago, when the International Petroleum Monthly was still being published, they made a similar error. They had Canadian production one million bpd too high. I emailed Ms. Smith and the correction was made immediately and an email went out from the EIA, to all subscribers of the data, informing them of the data error and correction.

Anyway, the data for all charts below is in thousand barrels per day with the last data point June 2014.


Production from Kazakhstan’s Kashagan field is not expected until the second half of 2016, or about two years from now.


World C+C production was up 189 kbpd in June to 76,695 kbpd but is still down 747 kbpd below the peak in February.

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