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The EIA has released their Petroleum Supply Monthly with September production numbers for states and total US. It was pretty much a non event. So I am just releasing this post as an open thread.

Petroleum Supply Monthly

The Petroleum Supply Monthly has US production down 20,000 bpd in September. The EIA’s Monthly Energy Review which came out a few days ago with data through October, has US Production down 195,000 bpd in September and down 7,000 bpd in October.

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A Surprising Look at Oil Consumption

The EIA publishes oil consumption numbers for all major nations. However they have data for most nations only through 2013. They do have data for some nations through 2014. Nevertheless a lot can be gleaned from just looking at those consumption numbers. If oil consumption numbers are growing year after year, then there is a good chance that nation is growing economically. But if oil consumption numbers are continually declining year after year, then it is more than a little silly to say all is well, economically, with that nation. Or that is my opinion anyway.

First, who’s oil consumption is increasing year after year, or who’s economy is booming? All charts below are consumption as total liquids in thousand barrels per day. Some charts are through 2014 while others are through 2013. Whatever the last year is on the yearly axis is the last year for that data.

Important: All charts are consumption, not production. 

C. Middle East

No doubt the Middle East is booming. The reason, most of them are oil producers and oil, for most of this chart anyway, the price of oil was increasing. They had lots of income, their consumption was increasing every year as was their economies.

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The Case For Peak Oil

All charts below were created with data from JODI, the EIA and OPEC MOMR. It is in thousand barrels per day and the last data point is September 2015.

JODI World C+C

World crude oil production has taken off during the last two years due primarily to US shale oil production and higher output from OPEC. However very high oil prices has enabled many other countries to increase drilling rigs and production.

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Texas RRC Oil and Gas Production Data

The Texas RRC Production Data is out. There appear to be no big surprises this month. All RRC data is through September but the EIA data is only through August.

Note: For all those not familiar with the Texas Railroad Commission data it is always incomplete. That is the reason for the drooping data lines you see in the charts. The EIA data is what they believe the final estimate will be.

Texas C+C

Final month production was just a little higher in September than August. That usually indicates a small uptick in production. But the data is so incomplete it is hard to tell.

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