A Guest Post by George Kaplan


Part I Discoveries and Reserves

The following are a few charts and observations concerning the US Gulf of Mexico production, with data mostly taken from BOEM for the OCS and a bit from EIA. The BOEM data site has been updated and makes it easy to get the raw data, but not in a very easily discerned way. This post is intended to make it a bit easier to follow and come to your own conclusions concerning the likely future of GoM production.

I’m sure I’ve made a few mistakes in getting and downloading the data, but the relative trends are probably more informative than absolute values so there will need to be follow up revisions as new data is available and hopefully any issues will get smoothed out. Reserve data is available for 2015. New data for 2016 is likely not available until the end of the year, but when it is it will be interesting to see what changes there are. The main focus here is on oil but gas data is also presented. Production data is issued twice monthly but some, such as for BP, is up to six months late so I’ve just assumed daily flow stays constant to fill in any gaps. Continue reading

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Texas Update- June 2017


Dean Fantazzini has provided me with updates to Texas Oil and Natural Gas estimates, the data shifted about a year ago so I use the most recent 13 months of Texas RRC data along with the “all vintage” data estimate which uses all data from Jan 2014 to April 2017 for oil and April 2014 to April 2017 for condensate. The most recent EIA estimate is shown for comparison. In April 2017 the EIA estimate is 3345 kb/d, the 13 month corrected estimate is 3443 kb/d, and the all vintage estimate is 3572 kb/d. Continue reading

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