Jean Laherrere on Proven Reserves

Jean Laherrere has posted the following charts and comments on Bakken and World oil reserves.

EIA proved reserves on Bakken (ND +Montana) plus  cumulative production have changed at end :

-2012   3754 Mb
-2013   5701 Mb
-2014   7203 Mb
-2015   6671 Mb

As shown in this graph in red squares, together with HL ultimates, USGS estimates and cumulative production.


ThisEIA CP+RR value (which is assumed to trend towards the oil ultimate) has increased sharply from 2012 to 2014 and has decreased in 2015 (this decrease may continue towards which value?).

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Bakken Oil Production Up Over 70,000 BPD

North Dakota just released their production numbers for the Bakken as well as for all North Dakota


The numbers are shocking. The Bakken is up 70,798 bpd to 991,722 bpd and all North Dakota was up 71,447 bpd to 1,043,207 bpd. The EIA’s drilling productivity report really missed the ball on this one.

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