Open Thread Non-Petroleum March 14, 2017

Please post all non petroleum related comments below.

In this post I am going to post a few “Reassuring Lies”. It is my opinion that these are reassuring lies and they do not necessarily represent the opinions of Dennis Coyne. Although I am sure he does agree with #1.

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The Future of US Light Tight Oil (LTO)


The future output from the light tight oil (LTO) sector of the US oil industry is the subject of much speculation. Above I present some possible future output scenarios based on a simple model of US LTO, the scenarios are compared with the EIA’s 2017 Annual Energy Outlook (AEO) reference scenario with cumulative output of 82 Gb from 2001 to 2050. The cumulative output of the model scenarios is for the same period (2001-2050). Continue reading

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